Why SBCGlobal Emails Go to Spam Instead of Inbox?

In case you’re experiencing a situation where most of your SBCGlobal emails going to the spam box instead of inbox then, read-out the below-mentioned reasons behind why your emails are going to ‘Spam:’

Reason 1: You or the Recipient (to whom you’re sending an email) Have Less Mailbox Usage: 

The SBCGlobal mailbox providers search for the ratio of active and inactive email accounts on everyone’s emailing list in their ‘Spam Filtering Algorithms,’ so they give a red flag to your emails if suddenly you’ve mailed to such email addresses that are nearly abandoned. Thus, your emails go to the Spam folder instead of the inbox

Reason 2: You’re Adding Misleading Subject Line in the Email: 

No matter whether you’re intentionally or unintentionally, but if you’re using misleading subject line in the emails that usually ‘Spammers’ use then, there’s a high possibility that the spam filter of SBCGlobal email consider such emails as ‘Spam’ and send them to the ‘Spam folder.’

Reason 3: Your SBCGlobal Email’s IP Address Used for Spam: 

Again, no matter if it’s not used by you but by someone else, you have a high chance that your SBCGlobal emails could get flagged as ‘Spam’ if the IP address of it was earlier used for Spam. Similarly, if your recipient’s address was also used for spam then, you’ll not receive the emails in your inbox from that recipient’s address. Instead, the email goes to the ‘Spam’ folder of your SBCGlobal email account.

Reason 4: Using Spam Trigger Words in the Email: 

If out of unawareness, you have included the ‘Spam Trigger’ words like “Cancel at any time, Free or Toll-free, Congratulations, Click here and so on” in your email that then, definitely that particular Sbcglobal email will be considered as ‘Spam’ and the rigorous ‘Spam Filter’ of the SBCGlobal email service will send such spam trigger containing emails to the ‘Spam folder.’  

That’s it! Now, in order to get rid of the possibility of ‘Emails going to Spam’ make sure you log in to your SBCGlobal email account quite regularly, you avoid using spam-trigger words, sending emails to nearly abandoned email accounts, and writing such misleading subject line that SBCGlobal email server sends to the ‘Spam’ folder based on their ‘Spam Filtering Algorithms.’

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