Why Is Gmail Not Syncing On iPhone?

Gmail has been serving around 1 billion active users per month both for android and iPhone. Lately, iPhone users are facing some problems regarding Gmail not syncing with the iPhone. if you are also, an iPhone user who facing the same issue then Emailspedia.com has brought to a complete guide on how to fix Gmail syncing issues with iPhone.

There are certain reasons why Gmail won’t be able to sync with iPhone.

  • Gmail is not updated.
  • Internet issues.
  • IMAP not enable.
  • Insufficient storage.
  • Unwanted cache and cookies.

Steps to fix Gmail not Syncing on iPhone.

1. Update your Gmail

Launch to the play store and check for the Gmail app, if below the app icon, the Update option is available click on it and update your Gmail.

2. Check your device’s account sync setting

Open the settings.

Scroll down and select an account.

Click on Auto-sync personal data.

Select on Gmail account.

Click on account sync.

Enable the Gmail.

Click on sync now by the 3 dots upper right corner.

3. Clear unwanted cache and cookies

Cache and cookies should be cleared timely as they block the proper working of Gmail.

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