Why Do I Get IMAP Gmail com Not Responding?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an incoming mail server type that helps the email account holder access all emails from any device. Users do not need to download the emails or any message on them, they can directly check them using the IMAP server. All emails have different incoming and outgoing server settings to make sure it works smoothly. Similarly, the best email service provider Gmail has its own set up on different devices. Here in this article, we have summed up ways to fix “IMAP Gmail is not working” issues.

Why is IMAP Gmail not responding?

A poor internet connection can hit your Gmail IMAP server and leave you facing several other affiliated issues. But the main reason for IMAP not working is the incorrect email server settings. Thus, you need to make sure all the incoming and outgoing servers are correctly configured on your mail. Visit emailspedia.com to know more about IMAP Gmail working issues.

How to fix IMAP not responding errors?

You need to ensure the server settings are correctly configured on your mobile, such as an iPhone, otherwise, the imap.gmail not responding to iPhone may occur. Additionally, check the SSL settings and adjust the correct SSL server port.

If the issues persist, remove your Gmail account from the email client you are using and re-add it by following the same login or add account directions.