Why Are PDF Files Not Opening in AOL Email?

AOL is considered as an amazing email user but even the best email services have some problems and can issue many times, issues like, the users can’t open PDF in AOL mail which creates a lot of troubles with using the mail.

Ways to fix the AOL mail working with the PDF

1. Installing a PDF reader

If the users are not able to load a PDF then the users should try to install a PDF reader so that you can access the PDF that you receive on the AOL email.

2. Go for a different client email

If you are facing issues like AOL mail attachment problems then you should try shifting to a different client email for the purpose and it might help you to solve problems you are facing.

3. Disabling the antivirus for some time

To solve this problem the users should disable the antivirus temporarily so that your problem can be fixed and then turn it on later. This will help you to access the PDF you want.

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