How to Fix Yahoo Mail IMAP Not Working?

How to Fix Yahoo Mail IMAP Not Working?

Are you having trouble with your Yahoo mail when using it in Outlook or any other third-party email client? These third-party apps need a lot of things to align perfectly for everything to work. 

However, you can use these steps to resolve the issues.

Issues with Account – You should check if there is an issue with the account you are using. To verify that you need to:

  • Login to your Yahoo mail account in a web browser and click on the Compose button. 

  • Now, add an email address in the To field and send it. 

  • Now, check if the email has been received within 5 minutes. 

IMAP Settings – When Yahoo mail not working with Outlook, the usual issue is the settings. You need to check the Yahoo mail server settings on your device and ensure the correctness of the settings. If there is any discrepancy, reconfigure the account or change the settings and ensure you are using the right protocols. 

Software Blockage – A few software present in your system may be blocking the ports used by Outlook. Check firewall, antivirus, and network protocols and ensure that there is no blockage of particular ports. Unblock the ports if you find any issues with them. 

Switch App – Well, if you are able to log in to your account through a web browser, then it is advised that you switch to a different app or web version. Yes, switching to the web version is probably the best idea for you to check your emails.