How to Fix Yahoo Email Error Code 475?

How to Fix Yahoo Email Error Code 475?

Yahoo is regarded as one of the best services, many people rely on it directly. Because of the fact that the service offers too much variety, it has been liked by many users. Everyone is simply dependent on yahoo be it for communication or business is the other way.

Now since it’s such a big portal, so glitches are quite common while using the service. Many users face trouble and if the fix is not there then the problem seems nearly impossible to be solved. One such problem is Yahoo error code 475 which occurs when:

  1. The account sends a lot of emails in a short span of time.
  2. The emails contain false information.
  3. Sending the same email to multiple people is taken as spam.


Now after knowing a few of the reasons let’s get into the fix:

  • Delete the emails in the outbox section (Simply open the yahoo mail and hit on the menu button / Click on the navigate folder / Clear the outbox section by deleting each message / End the process by restarting the yahoo mail application again, this is only done so as to ensure the problem is resolved.)
  • Try changing the password of your Yahoo email account 
  • Wait for 12 hours by the time the issue gets resolved.
  • The simplest fix sending emails issue with yahoo is by not sending emails to multiple recipients, or it will be reported under the error 475.


This was all you needed to know about the yahoo error code. Give this blog a good read. Reach out to us anytime with your queries.