How Do I Remove the Avast Signature from My Mail?

Avast is an antivirus that protects our browser, web threat scanning, cloud management and more. To ensure the contacts of the user that the user's email is safe and secure, it adds a signature to the mail you are about to send. This leads the user to get irritated and annoyed. However, we can turn off avast email signature just in a few clicks.

  • In your system tray, you can see the Avast icon, right click on that and then select ‘open Avast user interface’.
  • After it opens, at the top right there will be an icon, click it and then it will take you to the Avast’s settings.
  • Now the settings box will appear. Unchecked the ‘enable Avast email signature’ which is under the general.

By turning off you can disable Avast email signature. Such an easy tip isn’t it? To know social media tips and to gain more knowledge check out emailspedia. It is an amazing platform and also it is famous for blogging which has all types of articles, social media tips, movies, games, gadgets and more.

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