How do I fix IMAP AOL Not Responding on My iPhone?

When you set up your AOL account on the iPhone, it gives an ‘IMAP AOL not working’ error. It means that your mobile is not able to sync with the AOL servers for the new emails. Well, this error wouldn’t come on your iPhone if the account is set up properly. However, there could be other issues as well for AOL IMAP not working on iPhone

Well, whatever the cause, you can try to use these steps to fix the login issue with ease. 

  • Enable Data – First, we have to make sure that the mobile phone has adequate internet access. So, enable the mobile date or check the wi-fi status on the phone and make sure there are no issues. 
  • Review the IMAP & SMTP Server – Well, if your phone has access to the internet, then you should review the settings of the mail. Check the IMAP and SMTP settings of AOL and ensure they are correct. Here are the current settings for AOL mail to configure in software like Outlook or iPhone Mail. 
    1. IMAP server name –
    2. Port – 993
    3. SMTP server name –
    4. Port – 587 
  • Username and Password – If you have changed the username or the password of the account recently, you would need to change it in the app to resolve the ‘AOL IMAP not working’ error. Go to the iPhone settings menu and then open the Mail settings. Now, go to advanced settings and change the username and password to the current one. If there is a password issue with the account, you will get the ‘IMAP syncing not working AOL’ issue. 
  • Reconfigure – You can also try to reconfigure the account with the use of the new settings we’ve listed here. Go to the settings and then remove the account from the Mail option and then add it back again.