How to configure Verizon email account?

How to configure Verizon email account?

In a world where emails are considered as one of the best ways to share information and interact, much has not changed. Emails are a great way of communication and one of the most popular email services, the Verizon email service has made its mark on the users with its state of the art features. In today's blog, we will discuss steps using which you can easily set up your Verizon email account on the website and as well as other platforms like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.


Steps to configure Verizon email account


  1. Visit the home screen of the AOL mail account
  2. Now enter your full email address with the suffix segment included.
  3. Carry out the instructions mentioned on the screen to make a password for your mail account.
  4. You can easily access your mail account once you have carried out these three steps.


You can only access your mail on other platforms if you set up the outgoing and incoming mail servers. You can also resolve the Verizon email not working issue with this.


Server settings of Verizon email account


  1. For the outgoing server, you will have to use SMTP. Fill the details given below correctly to set up the SMTP server settings for your mail account;
  • SMTP server address: type
  • Choose SSL when asked for the type of secure connection
  • SMTP username: enter your Verizon email address correctly
  • SMTP password: fill out your mail account password in this field
  • Fill 465 with SSL for the port settings of the SMTP server.


      2. For the incoming server, you can either choose IMAP or POP3. Use the details given below to configure the incoming                server correctly;


Verizon IMAP server settings


  • Port settings: enter 993 in this field
  • Choose SSL as the encryption type in this field


Verizon POP3 server settings


  • and
  • Fill out 995 in the port settings
  • Choose SSL as the security encryption type in this field.



You can use the settings given above to setup your Verizon email in any third-party platform that is compatible with Verizon.

For more info or queries, you may contact the Verizon help center.