What is BigPond email and how to solve Login Issues?

What is BigPond Email and How to Solve Login Issues?

If you are an Australian, then you must have heard about the BigPond Email service. It is a webmail service provided by Telstra and it is paid email service. Due to the subscription feature, it has several features that compel the users to use their services. 

They have a lot of users and managing all of them is a challenge for the BigPond team. This is why BigPond users encounter a few login issues sometimes. If you are facing a BigPond email login issue with your account, you’ve come to the right page. 

Here we will look at how to fix the login issues of the BigPond email. 

Let’s get started.

The solution to Webmail Login Issue

  • Incorrect Login Credentials – First of all, you must check the login credentials before doing anything and make sure that you are entering the correct email address and password combination. If you are entering the correct combination, then check the caps lock button as the password is case-sensitive. Ensure you are giving the correct details in the login form and then proceed further. 

  • Internet – Most problems are caused by slow or no internet nowadays. So, check your internet connection and make sure your device has access to good enough internet. 

  • Incorrect password – If you don’t remember the password, you can reset it. Here are the steps:

    • Open a web browser and then go to the official website of Telstra. 

    • Open the Mail option and then click on the Reset Password link from the login form. 

    • Now, enter the username, complete the captcha and then click on the Send Email button. 

    • You will receive an email to reset the BigPond password, click on the link from the email. 

    • It will open a new window where you can enter the new password for the account. 

  • Hacked Account – In case of a hacked account, you can follow the steps listed in the Incorrect Password section to reset the password. And make sure that you are using a strong password for the account which has a mix of uppercase, lowercase, letter, and numbers. 

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